Jorine van Delft lives in Achmelvich and tries to evenly distribute her time between spinning, knitting, woodworking, music and writing. It’s not an easy thing to do seeing there always seems to be something new to discover. Jorine is immersed in the life of the community; in winter she helps to look after her neighbour’s sheep; she is a retained firefighter and is often to be found playing traditional music on her fiddle at local ceilidhs and at the Thursday night Summer sessions in the Caberfeidh Pub, Lochinver. Jorine has a wonderful eye for colour, producing blended fleeces and spinning wool for knitting in gorgeous blues, greens, soft earthy colours and unusual textures that complement the beauty of the landscape that surrounds her. Jorine enjoys the challenge of designing her own knitting patterns and she is developing an idea of printing her patterns to sell as a kit with her hand blended and spun wool.