Crafting in times of Coronavirus

It has become more and more apparent over the past 4 weeks how serious the current crisis caused by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus is worldwide. The economic impact of measures taken to slow down the spread of the virus is unprecendent in its scale. Businesses big and small are suffering from the collapse of economic activity, the cancellation of events and travel restrictions. Small craft businesses and individual crafters who rely on Craft Markets during the tourist season have suddenly lost their real world sale opportunity as so many others have lost income which they otherwise might have spent on presents for friends or souvenirs from their travel. As the Craft Markets in Lochinver have been cancelled until further notice, we, the Crafty Crofters and other stall holders, are currently looking into setting up a means to hold a “virtual market” through the Made in Assynt Website as well as Facebook pages and our own business websites. When this has been set up, we will publish the links and invite people to support their local crafters by browsing online with the opportunity to contact businesses directly and perhaps buy online and have items posted. Stay tuned and even more importantly, stay safe and well.

While we are not getting together physically as we did at the beginning of March for a session with natural dyestuffs, we know we will be staying in touch by other means. And if you always wanted to take up making things yourself, maybe now is the time to get the knitting needles out or to learn a new craft with the help of the many tutorials already out there in the world wide web of crafting knowledge.

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