The Crafty Crofters go Etsy!

In the past months a lot has happened. This pandemic has made an impact on all of our lives in one way or another. I realise I have been very fortunate as for me personally the Covid-19 pandemic meant that although unfortunately I lost my main job as a hostel manager at Achmelvich Beach YH other opportunities emerged. It also made me realise how wonderful my community is and how much I love living where I live and love what I do. With my income from the fire service (yes I am a firefighter!) I was still able to pay my bills and being (partially) unemployed had a positive side effect. I now had so much more time available for my crafting. I have been experimenting with dyeing , worked on my weaving skills, have been knitting, spinning, crocheting and sewing. Curious about what I’ve been up to these past months? Follow the Crafty Crofters on Instagram @craftycrofters.

Thanks to all this creating and experimenting I found myself in a situation where I finally had enough stock to think about starting our own Crafty Crofters Etsy shop. As the local craft markets have unfortunately been cancelled this year due to covid-19 restrictions this seemed to be the prefect time to find an online market for some of our lovely handmade items. We’d been thinking about this for a while but never quite got around to actually getting it done. Want to have a look what we’ve got in our shop? Click here: TheCraftyCrofters.